Least Qualified Guy - Episode 218

February 11, 2017


This week Dustin proves his mobile game naming skills and Scott has an odd experience with streaming a home brew game. In the new this week we chat about Castlevania coming to Netflix, PlayStation r firmware 4.5 brings external drive support and the ability to watch 3D movies in PSVR, Polygon struggling with Nioh, Madden get the Super Bowl right again, Game Stop's Circle of Life, and Portal on the Hololens. Dustin defends Sonic Boom, is still making his way through Deus Ex, and finish Ratchet and Clank. Scott got an Xbox One S and has been playing backwards compatible Xbox 360 games. Enjoy!

YouTube Channel of the Week: Broken Pixels (playlist)

Cartoon Retrocast Switch Contenst

Castlevania coming to Netflix

PS4 Firmware 4.5

Polygon unable to review Nioh on time

Madden and Super Bowl LI

Game Stop Circle of Life

Jim Sterling on Circle of Life

Portal in real life

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