ShadOrc of War - Episode 221

March 5, 2017


This week Dustin and Scott are both mostly recovered from being under the weather. This week's news topics cover are a good update on the SNES Preservation Project, Shadow of War announcement leaked by Target, River City Ransom Kickstarter issues, Master Blaster Zero, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on PC, and YouTube TV. Enjoy!

YouTube Channel of the Week: Noah Antwiler - Game Over Episode

SNES Preservation Project

Shadow of War

River City Ransom - Duhmez Comment

Blaster Master Zero Trailer

Nintendo Switch on PC

Evil Zone - Xearrik's Suggestion

Intro Music: Ben Landis - Through The Forest Outro Music: Majord Third - Wonderwall (cover) Wonderwall 8-bit by Matthew Tucciarone5456435.gif


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